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 Reasons why you wouldn't have your windows cleaned!

​"My windows aren't dirty…that's just my dogs NOSE ART!"

"My Windows were clean last year…sorry you missed it."

"Sometimes it's not the butterflies that tell you you're in love but the PANE!"  get it…ok that was bad

At Green Clean, we know how frustrating it is to walk out of your front door in the morning after a Durango snow storm trying to navigate out to your vehicle to get to work.

Our professional snow removal service provides prompt service and we pride ourselves on professionalism that you can feel good about. For more on snow removal click here



-Store Fronts


-Trash Bin Areas







​For more info on power washing   click here

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A clean window gives you a perfect view of your property and an exterior that includes a shine that is hard to miss and envied by all. It is recommended that windows are cleaned at least twice a year and interior once a year. Clients can save money on their home maintenance by setting up a convenient service agreement. We have schedule intervals to fit anyone's needs. For more on window cleaning click here.

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality service in Durango and surrounding areas while finding environmentally sound solutions for your home or business. 

I harvest, process and season mixed hardwoods (Oak, Pine, Cedar, Juniper, Piñon, and Aspen). There's nothing worse than green, wet wood! Your wood will be delivered dry, clean and ready to burn. Quality, friendly and reliable service at any time of the year. For more information on fire wood click here.


Protect your home and invest in professional window cleaning. Scroll down to see the top four reasons to have your home or business professionally window cleaned!

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Chimney Sweeping

Snow Removal

Chimney sweeping should be done every 50 times of use. After 50 fires there is enough Creosote to cause a chimney fire.  Creosote is a by product of the wood-burning process. It is the black soot kind of powder that lines the chimney. If it gets more than a quarter inch thick, you will have a chimney fire. For more information on chimney cleaning click here.




-Pool Decks

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-Brick Work


-Mobile Homes

-Roof Cleaning


Gutter and Downspout cleaning is a critical service that needs to be completed on a bi-annual basis, especially if you have trees near your home. This service removes leaves and debris from gutter systems allowing them to protect the roof, home, and foundation as they are designed to by properly moving water off and away from the house. For more on gutter and down spout cleaning click here

Gutter & Downspout Cleaning

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​​​​Helpful Facts about your windows

Windows get dirty over time and the longer they stay dirty the greater the chances you are doing permanent damage due to etching of the glass and frames. Having you windows cleaned is not an is protecting your investment.Here are the top four reasons to have your home or business windows professionally cleaned.

1) Streak Free Windows  

Most over the counter glass cleaners claim streak free shine, but this is not true for most commercially available products. More often than not you are left with noticeable streaks and residue and the possibility of scratching from abrasiveness of most cloth and paper towels and the old stand by...newspaper. Professional window cleaning will never leave these annoying streaks and obstructions from the windows purpose which is to appear open and clear. At Green Clean we use only the best Eco friendly cleaning products and tools. We use only bio degradable, phosphate free solutions which encompass Surfractins which plus the dirt off and suspends it in liquid until its washed away. Our tools are second to none using Ettore Squeegees and professional grade equipment. 

2) Longer Lasting Results   

Professionally cleaned windows stay clean longer and than windows cleaned with cover-the-counter cleaning products. this means less cleaning for your windows that look spectacular longer!

3) Safety

Needless to say that window cleaning can be extremely dangerous and with outthe proper equipment almost suicidal. Ladders, harnesses, and sometimes cranes are needed and utilized for proper safety measures to insure that service is done with out injury or harm to personas and property. Green Clean Durango takes all precautionsto protect your home investment or business  

4) Less Expensive Over Time 

The cleaner you keep your windows the less time it takes to service and the less damage your windows will get. Windows are pourus and therefore dirt and material builds up and create damaged windows leaving pits and when wiped can scratch and ruin the glass for good.  Green Clean uses products that can help ensure that they are properly cared for saving money and time in the future from expensive glass replacement. 

Power Washing

Thank you for taking the time to visit Green Clean Durango. We are full service property care company that specializes in environmentally friendly solutions for all of your property care needs. These services consist of both basic and specific needs. Window cleaning, chimney sweeping, pressure washing, firewood,
and now including Permaculture design. These are just a few ways we have grown through hard work and pride in the services we offer. 

​Since 1995 we have provided a number of service around the Durango area for both large and small properties including ranches and single family residences. No job is too big or too small. With our professional and knowledgable staff we have grown to serve our community with pride knowing that we have the very best to offer.

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