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Window Cleaning Durango Co.

​​​​​​If you are like most business or home owners, you don't clean windows. thats because streak free quality window cleaning is often difficult and at times dangerous to do. At Green Clean Durango, we use only the best in window cleaning tools and products such as Ettory squeegies and a special blend of environmentally friendly (Green) cleaning products which leaves your windows with a shine that lasts. 
Having Green Clean Durango out bi annually, for residential properties, and as often as once a week for commercial properties, will not only leave you streak-free but will also save you money in the long run. Our specially designed cleaning solution will help keep water from spotting and thus keep your windows clean longer.

​Window cleaning is something that most of us wouldn't think of as very important and is usually low on the priority list for most home and business owners but when you think of the atmospheric difference that dirty windows can have on an environment, we start thinking differently. Dust and dirt on windows can actually negatively affect your mood and attitude. Light is one of the most important aspect when it comes to achieving harmony and balance says Tiny buddha .com, a website dedicated to the properties of Feng Shui, the art of placement. With clean windows we see the view intended with no obstructions and our eyes can focus on the view and the reason there was  window put there. With dirty windows our eyes are constantly redirected to the dirty surface. 

Clean windows are capable of making or breaking an image as hard to believe as that may be but its true. It speaks volumes about the the company organization. In a work environment, having a bright and vibrant setting can help motivate and inspire employees adding to productivity and the bottom line. Having cleaning widows help to bring out the positive atmosphere in a room. You want to be able to make a good impression on on clients, customers, potential customers and employees. 

Wiping your windows with over-the-counter products may not be enough to optimize their clarity. Many different types of glass are quite porous thus making them susceptible to wear from the various elements. this porousness makes the absorption of dirt, dust, minerals, and pollutants contaminating your glass extremely hard to get off.  Some window stains are tough to almost impossible to remove unless you have professional tools, solvents and skills. Especially when these stains have been accumulating over time and have layers of build up. There is a reason way most professional house and office cleaners say "We don't do windows!" If they do, they usually use the same type of technique that you could do and that is not maximizing your windows potential. 

The importance of maintaining clean windows cannot be over stated, that is if you do not want to have to replace the glass in your home or office due to permanent damage. Aside from clean windows, Green Clean Durango cleans frames, tracks and sills. Call Green Clean Durango today to ensure that the windows on your home or business look their best! 

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

​For our commercial clients we recommend intervals that will essentially keep your windows clean and spot free all the time. This can vary depending on weather, wind, locations and a number of other factors. Over time these intervals become more and more obvious. Green clean Durango can accommodate even the most frequent visits at affordable computable prices. This is an important part of your professional image. 

Our residential customers typically schedule a bi-annual basis but once again this is a general rule and doesn't always apply with homes that are exposed to a great deal of natural elements. 

What is hard water stain?

Hard water stains accumulate for a number of reasons but mostly is the result of mineral build-up that gets stuck to your windows. They call it a stain because non-professional cleaning methods typically do not remove these. From our experience, many of our cutovers are surprised when we show them hard water stains on their windows because they are thought to be dirt by most or are hidden by dirty windows. These hard water deposits can accumulate due to rain water running over dirty bricks or concrete facades and deposit these minerals. At times overspray from irrigation will have the same effect. This exacerbated by aluminum screens and can cause build-up type stains on windows.   Green Clean Durango has a number of remedies for these bothersome eye sores. 

Will rain adversely effect your new cleaned windows?

In most circumstances rain will not adversely effect your windows. Rain water for the most part is clean (Soft) and will typically dry spot free. In the event of rain fall within a couple days of us servicing your home or businesses windows we offer a free touch-up service.

The care we take!

​The care we take in your home is essential to us as we know its essential to you. Green Clean Durango makes it a point to care for your home as we would care for our own. We where protective booties to make sure that we are not tracking in dirt on your carpet and tile or to scratch wood floors. We are carful when we move items out of the way as to not damage furniture and household accoutrements. We are certain that you will be so pleased with our personal, professional and friendly touch that we guarantee it! Call Green Clean today to schedule an appointment and to check out our excellent testimonials 

​Environmental impacts of non-biodegradable and toxic chemicals

​The problem or the biggest issue with cleaning products re the chemicals they contain. Many of the chemicals most used have not been tested for safety. These products end up in rivers and streams and do not break down. When these products are not broken down in the environment they end up in the food chain being consumed by other animals and humans. Even if they are not they can be harmful be toxic and absorbed through the skin and eventually end up being absorbed and cause health issues and birth defects. 

Detergents are now all biodegradable but most contain chemicals that may cause problems. Phosphates can cause eutrophication which is the ecosystems's response to the addition of artificial nutrients to an aquatic system. This exacerbated by enzymes, bleach, brightness, and perfumes.

Green Clean Durango uses biodegradable solutions which are phosphate free. We are proud to offer safe cleaning solutions so that our community and environment are kept natural and free of chemicals.  

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